Why Go Back To Bolivia?

Dear Brothers and Sisters;

It is our hope and prayer that you find yourself right in the middle of God’s greatest blessings in your life and service to the Lord. ImageWe wanted to write this letter to you for several reasons. First, is to say thank-you to those who played a vital role in our earlier ministry in Bolivia. Second, to share with you what we have been doing since we left the field. Third, to ask you to consider partnering with us or allowing us to visit your church to share with you what we believe God would have us do as we return to the Field.

As we look back upon our time on in Bolivia, we recognize that God used our partners in an incredible way that cannot be measured in dollars alone and we are grateful for each church that helped our ministry. It is true, support is important and we hope to partner with you on that level. But, as we consider the things that God did in our work, we realize that your involvement in the ministry in Bolivia through prayer, goodwill, and financial contributions will enable us to see Him accomplish great things in the lives of real men, women, boys, and girls. While in Bolivia, our ministry saw hundreds of people make a profession of faith in Christ, churches were started, and failing churches were restored. We saw our ministry in the Bible Institute help prepare Bolivian men and women for a life of service in their respective churches. In short, through teamwork we witnessed lives changed for the kingdom of God. We are deeply grateful to have been a part of that tremendous work and eagerly await to see what God will accomplish in the future.

In 2008, we left Bolivia due to political and civil unrest and what turned out to be some pretty serious health concerns. While we have been in the states, we have dealt with those health issues. Sandra was diagnosed with Cancer and is now in remission and is healthy. For me, I have lost over 160 pounds and am doing well. I am currently serving as the Missions and Connections Pastor in our church in ImageTennessee. We have also continued to prepare ourselves to be better servants in Gods hands. I have earned my Master of Divinity degree and am working on my Doctoral Thesis. Sandra has earned two Masters degrees and has worked professionally at our local hospital with people who suffer from addiction, alcoholism, and mental disorders. We are also pleased to report that all three of our sons are married and are serving in the United States Navy. It has been a very busy time for the whole family.

We find ourselves in an unfettered position in life and have a tremendous burden to return and work with the Bolivian people. We envision our work being focused in three main areas. The first area will be partnering in church planting endeavors with Bolivians who were saved and discipled in the churches in which we worked. Secondly, we will continue our work in the Bible Institute in Tarija as we train the next generation of Bolivians to serve God. Third, is in the area of recovery ministries. Alcoholism in Bolivia is a huge problem that enslaves children and adults. With Sandra’s specialized training and experience in this field, we see an open door to help those in bondage to alcohol and other addictions. We believe that this specialized work will enhance our ministry in the churches as well as help Bolivians in a tangible way that is visible for all to see.

It is our desire to connect with you as we return to Bolivia. We will be reinstated with the Baptist Bible Fellowship in September and we ask you to please consider partnering with us at that time. We are also more than willing to travel to your church and share these things with you and your people in person. If you have any questions, please contact us directly at the contact information provided below. We also invite you to contact our pastor, Steve Craft, at Victory Baptist Church in Maryville Tennessee. He is more than willing to communicate with you on our behalf.

Until we meet again, we remain your servants in Christ.

Jeff & Sandra Price


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